Live Regeneratively

What would it look like if you developed the ability to access your own deep regenerative thinking? You would see huge changes as you begin to act holistically in every aspect of your life. We would love to work with you to align your deep social and ecological values with your landscape and life.

Interested in learning more? Read about our most popular coaching packages below, and then contact us using the form on this page for a 20 minute discovery session.
  • Whole life design

    The permaculture design process can be applied, with great results, to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living. We’ve done this with our lives and are eager to help others experience this powerful process. We will work with you to craft your personal/family vision statement; take stock of your current situation; design your life (including elements such as water and food, transport and tools, shelter, mind and spirit, community, livelihood, and skills for making the world a better place); and help you plan for implementing your design. This service is available as a one-on-one coaching package "Whole Life Design".

  • Full landscape design

    A full landscape design is a road map to take you from the landscape you currently see to a landscape design, hand-crafted by you to meet your particular goals and wishes in a way that builds on the unique conditions and resources of your site. Invest in our package of services and we'll work with you to define your goals, perform a full analysis and assessment of your site, and guide you through a design process that is accurate, relevant, and easy to understand. One of our most popular collection of services is available as a coaching package called the "Regenerative Landscape Design System".

  • Implementation & Skill-building

    When you have a design idea and know what to do in theory, but would love some support to actually get it done, we can assist. We’ll work together on projects like sheet mulching, broadforking, polyculture planting, laying irrigation systems, preparing for microlivestock, installing trellises, ponds, greenhouses and more. Get one-on-one coaching to build your skills including mushroom-growing, soil testing, planting nutrient dense vegetables, and even help with cooking what you grow. We can support you in organizing permablitz's too (like a garden "barn" raising). Rather then do it on your own, organize a community of people to come and install a garden over a day or two. It is truely amazing to witness the power of "Many Hands Make Light Work". This service is available as a project based, retainer coaching package called "Grow Abundant Gardens Successfully". 

    The permablitz we organized in Oakland, CA

Our coaching can include...

Invest in us and receive these and many other valuable services in all the packages we offer. Interested in learning more? Start the conversation by using the form on this page for a 20 minute discovery session.

  • Reading the Landscape and Site Assessment walk

    Thinking about planting, and want some guidance from people who have actually rolled up their sleeves and done this work? With over 13 years of creating our own edible forest garden, we are an expert resource, here for you. Invest in one of our packages and we’ll spend part of a day walking your landscape with you, looking together at sun and shade, soil, water flow, access, zones of use, and more. Urban, suburban, rural - you’ll finish the site walk with loads of information you can use right away, tailored specifically to your place and your life. Site walks are an inseparable part of coaching you through the design process.

    Jonathan walking a site with a new client, assessing current vegetation

  • Soil assessment and custom mineral recommendation

    Starting a new garden or farm and have soil questions? Wondering how to maximize the productivity and nutrient density of the fruits and vegetables you grow? Struggling with disease or pest problems in your landscape? Regenerating your soil, and raising it's health to it's highest potential is critical for long term abundance. Food Forest Farm has experience bringing degraded and neglected land back to a state of thriving. We offer a full line of soil assessment services, all the way up to a comprehensive soil audit with detailed recommendations for balanced soil remineralization, including planting for maximum biogeochemistry, root exudation, and aggregation, as well as custom mineral blending. Jonathan has learned from experts in soil science and conservation including the Bionutrient Food Association; Northeast Organic Farming Association; and National Resources Conservation Service. He's attended Acres USA and NOFA conferences on biological farming and soil health, as well as taught his own workshops on these subjects from the East Coast to the West Coast.

    Observing evidence of healthy soil formation. Cover crop plant with high levels of soil root aggregation (dark clumps stuck to roots).