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Recent Work

  • The site walk was invaluable, from the soils, to the micro-climates, to the plants and trees. Jonathan asked useful questions and had suggestions for how to move forward. I am more knowledgeable now, and will make better decisions as I develop our gardens.

    - Barbara
  • Thank you so much, very inspiring. I liked the concept that Forest Gardening is more a labor of mind than body, seems true.
    - Charlene
  • My husband Burt and I attended your workshop. I just wanted to let you know that I really loved the fact that you had a vision and many ideas that you put into practice and share it with others! You have given me something beyond inspiration. I actually feel like it's a new purpose for my life. Now that's a gift! Thank you both so very much.
    - Cheryl
  • You are incredible, so glad to have the chance to glean from your wide knowledge and skill sets. Thank you.
    - Edible Forest Garden student
  • Visiting Food Forest Farm was an inspirational experience for our youth. Not only did they get to see the spectacular plants, herbs and fruit being grown, but the garden showed what is possible in a small space.

    - Gardening the Community
  • Your garden should be a World Heritage Site

    - Geoff Lawton
  • We loved the tour. It really opened my eyes to a more integrated and layered approach to gardening. We’re inspired by the amazing work you are doing and see the value in a good design and will be looking to expand and hope to find at least a couple plants from you in the future.
    - Jen
  • Jonathan helped me in making a slow, but steady transition to converting my lawn to a permaculture garden. In part due his gentle guidance, knowledge, and optimism, I have blueberry bushes, a kiwi trellis, and a variety of other perennial fruits and vegetables that work their way around my house. I appreciate Jonathan’s welcoming spirit when coming to buy plants, or when he’s telling stories during tours. He's provided me with hope and inspiration for my own gardens.
    - Marian
  • You guys are my heros!
    - Matthew
  • The course was an awesome opportunity to get practical about living sustainably as a part of community and as a part of the natural world. I left with confidence, ideas, skills, motivation and a sense of becoming part of a network of folks choosing to live and create beautiful alternatives to over-consumption.
    - Permaculture FEAST student
  • Thanks again for teaching the Edible Forest Garden class at Yestermorrow. I had an enlightening experience and came home enthusiastic and eager to experiment some more!
    - Susan
  • This was a fantastic experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and will enjoy its teaching for years to come.
    - Yestermorrow student
  • We had a wonderful time visiting your garden. You’re changing the culture of the planet with your small 1/10 of an acre of paradise. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and were bubbling over afterward. I look forward to participating in one of your workshops, so put us on your e-mail list! We can’t wait to purchase a pawpaw tree!
    - Zizi and Ric