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Terms & Conditions

Do you sell wholesale?

No.  We have done some wholesaling in the past but have decided to focus on our retail markets. We found that we would have to expand our business much larger than is the scale we currently enjoy. Some day we would like to "scale up" by partnering with other small nurseries or even support a "collective" of nurseries. But at this time retail is our niche. 

Do you sell seeds?

No.  We've decided to focus our energies on the plants. It turns out that our seeds are more valuable to us as plant-starting material. We may sell seeds again in the future, we'll let you know if we do.

What is your replacement policy?

We very much appreciate your support and business. Installing and caring for a garden can be a challenge and a joy. Food Forest Farm strives to produce the best quality, healthiest plants, grown using organic methods. Our planting stock come from vigorous long-lived parents. Many of the plants in our inventory are genetically strong, being known to thrive during periods of neglect. Even though we don’t think you’ll need to use it, we do have a replacement policy: If you install a plant immediately after its arrival (within a few days), soak the ground with 1 inch of water/rain per week for a few weeks, and then if it dies, let us know and we will replace your plant free of charge. If it dies months later, you would have to purchase a new plant.  We hope this seems fair. If not, you are welcome to call us to make your case.

Will this plant grow or ripen fruit where I live?

You never know for sure until you try, and we encourage you to experiment.  For a little more guidance we recommend you visit the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to cross reference the hardiness zones of the plants in our shop with where you live.

What size are your plants?

Our plants are of the highest quality. We don't advertise a standard size because our focus is the plant. Each plant order will include one cutting or division or baby plant (sometimes we throw in a few extra depending on our inventory). Plants are from 4 months to 2 years old. Many of the perennial vegetables start from seed or root cuttings, and will be young when they arrive. We expect that you will take the plant out of its package and plant it into your beautiful garden or landscape!  Remember, all our plants will grow and live for many years, so be sure to plant them with enough space to accommodate their full size.

Why don't you sell more kinds of plants, and where are all the trees?

Good question. We've experimented with many different species and varieties of plants over the years. The current list of offerings meets two goals: First, they are the plants our customers have been most interested in purchasing from us. Second, they are mostly the plants we've had the best success in our unique production system, with the least cost to produce. We feel this is a good win-win for us and our customers. Trees... Well, we tried different tree species over the years, particularly focusing on trees that have seed bearing staples like chestnuts and hazels. We've found that other nurseries have specialized in selling trees and offer good products. We are experimenting with selling easy to propagate trees for growing as livestock feeds, or leaf hay… Willow shrubs are a good example.