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Russian Comfrey

Plants for Spring 2020 Shipping

Welcome to the Food Forest Farm plant shop! Here you’ll find many of the plants we’ve been growing in the nursery since 2010. These plants will come to you healthy and ready for their new home.

All of our plants are multi-functional, that is, some perennial vegetables can be eaten by a human, or livestock (leaf hay), or be grown as mulch for biomass, and more! You can look at “All” of the plants, or filter with the navigation bar.

Perennial Vegetables: edible roots, leaves, shoots, buds, seeds that come from perennial herbs, shrubs, and trees

Fruit: edible sweet goodness

Leaf Hay: plants to grow and feed to livestock like cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits

Biomass: herbs, grasses, shrubs and trees that grow fast and can be cut and used as mulch, grow soil, fuel stoves and compost piles

Russian Comfrey

russian comfrey.jpg
russian comfrey.jpg

Russian Comfrey


Hybrid sterile form of comfrey, doesn't produce seeds. Great mulch plant and soil builder. Preferred habitat and egg-laying site for many beneficial insects and spiders. Useful medicinal. Edible in moderation. Breaking roots by tilling or digging will result in many new baby plants, choose location wisely. Our form is either ‘Bocking 14’ or ‘Bocking 4’ (cause we had both originally and they are very hard to tell apart), either way you are getting the best!

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Russian Comfrey, sterile comfrey

Scientific Name: Symphytum x uplandicum

Hardiness zone: 4
Light: Sun to part shade
Mature Size: 4 feet by 4 feet
Uses: healing herb, mulch biomass plant, fodder for livestock, bumble bees love it