Join us for a tour of our edible forest garden, ‘Paradise Lot’, in Holyoke, MA. We’ll take you on an intensive tour of our urban garden, discussing our site design, soil building, plants and polycultures, systems, and how-tos

Public Tours

In conjunction with our garden-partners Eric and Marikler Toensmeier of Perennial Solutions, we offer regular public 'intensive tours' of our demonstration garden. Each tour is an hour and a half in length and we cap registration at twenty five people so you'll be sure to see everything and ask all your questions. We call them 'intensive tours' because they are loaded with information. As we lead you through the garden, you'll absorb learning through all your senses and we’ll fill you to the brim with the hows and whys of our design process, plantings, and systems. Starting with our amazing microclimate-enabled tropical garden, the tour moves through our paw paw and persimmon patches to our kiwi arbor and water garden, microlivestock systems, bioshelter, bamboo grove, and perennial vegetable beds, giving you the dirt about how we built the garden and sharing knowledge you can use to grow your own paradise.

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Custom Tours

Want a specialized tour, custom-designed to address the particular interests of your school, organization, club, or family? We offer group rates for 1 1/2 hour tours starting at $250. We’ll work with you to create just the right experience to meet your needs. We’re experienced with presenting custom tours to groups of all ages and knowledge-bases.

Groups that have enjoyed our custom tours include:

  • Conway School of Landscape Design
  • Gardening the Community
  • Greenfield Community College
  • HCC Adult Learning Center
  • Sirius Community
  • South Hadley Garden Club
  • UMass Amherst
  • Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School
  • Many private families and individual groups

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